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Ever wanted to own a Golu step (Kolu padi) that is easy to assemble, and that could create extra storage space?

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Navratri golu step -
 Sree Karmik
  • With vast experience in the field of construction and development, Sree Karmik pioneers as the leading manufacturer and furnishing expert.

    • Say Good bye to your ageing (rusted) golu step.
    • Don’t spend long hours cleaning and fixing up your golu step.
    • Easy to handle, Easy to assemble, Easy to transform.
    • Absolutely no fasteners - Easy and simple fit type fixtures.
    • Covertible to Bookshelf - We engineered this furniture right from design to bring maximum utility.
    • Convert your golu step into a sleek bookshelf in 3 simple steps.
  • Armed with clear process flow and back with engineering expertise, Sree Karmik stands a class apart in manufacturing products that stands through the test of time.

    • Base material: Plywood / Laminated engineered wood
    • Depth of each step: 12" for standard / 9" for compact model
    • Absolutely no fasteners - Easy and simple fit type fixtures.


Model 3F5X

Width: 3 ft. | Steps: 5 | Height: 45in.
Price: ₹ 8,250/-

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Model 4F5X

Width: 4 ft. | Steps: 5 | Height: 50in.
Price: ₹ 13,250/-

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Model 3F7X

Width: 3 ft. | Steps: 7 | Height: 70in.
Price: ₹ 14,850/-

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Model 4F7X

Width: 4 ft. | Steps: 7 | Height: 70in.
Price: ₹ 18,500/-

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Model 6F7X

Width: 6 ft. | Steps: 7 | Height: 70in.
Price: ₹ 28,500/-

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Custom Build

We undertake customised order.
Customized pricing

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