Quality Standards

5 Pillars of project Management

With decades of experience in EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), we execute every project with utmost precision and unmatchable quality that is balanced and based on scientific approach.

I Planning

Sound planning is key to successfully executing any project. From choice of technology and the definition of work tasks, to estimation of resources and task durations, we possess the logistical expertise to ensure engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions are delivered with maximum efficiency and on-time reliability.

II Engineering Design Management

From design concept stage, we work closely with professional designers and architects, engage closely with clients on how to optimally meet project objectives.

  • Exploring solutions through in-depth research and analysis
  • Determining budgets
  • Assessing material and equipment requirements
  • Setting task timeframes
  • Enhance the synergy of activities to ensure timely project delivery

III Procurement

We are exceptionally experienced in developing effective supply chains that add value and minimise waste. Every critical detail is well executed including:

  • Development of procurement schedules for consumable materials, equipment and outsourced services
  • Meticulous evaluation of each supplier’s ability to comply with both project specifications, standards and schedule demands
  • Coordination with vendor inspections and the release of materials in conjunction with the site requirement
  • Coordinating the execution of a sub-contracted services to achieve in-house quality standards

IV Project Quality Management

Having worked in critical projects with copious constraints, we possess the expertise to rationalise the quality of any labour to our in-house standards. Activity wise standard work method statement is followed for critical and time consuming works so as to eradicate re-works and corrections that incur a big budget. In addition, regular trainings are captured on key activities, educating the ground level labours on the quality and safety standards and means to achieving them.

Also, we work closely with our structural consultants and architects during the construction phase to make sure the design is executed as intended, right from scratch. Abstract planning and pre-engineered work methodologies also ensure the sequence of activity that enhances the quality and on-time delivery of our projects.

V Contract and cost management

From time of initial agreement, we give our clients a clear picture about the contractual milestones and cash flow. From clear planning arises the absolute requirement of resources which builds in as the key to determine the cash flow of our projects to prevent any last minute surprises. Working with pre-determined zero cost budgets considering every minute aspect of construction so as to keep the project financially strong.