Grid-tie Solar Power system


Grid-tie Solar is a maintenance free system which can be built to any scale depending client's requirement. In this Grid-tie Solar Power system, the excess energy is exported to the eb grid, thereby reducing power bills.

How Grid-tie Solar Power System works

A grid-connected photovoltaic power system, or grid-connected PV power system is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the utility grid.

    Working of Grid-tie solar power system is as follows:
  • The system consists of Solar PV modules, Solar grid-tie inverter, and BOS.
  • Electricity is generated when sunlight hits the solar panels
  • This DC current is converted into Single phase or three-phase AC in the Solar Grid-tie PCU.
  • The output of solar PCU is connected to the Electric grid using a bi-directional meter.
  • Power generated is supplied to loads and then, excess is fed back to the grid.
  • The amount of electricity fed back to the grid is duly compensated by the electric company.

Salient Features

  • Solar power is directly connected to EB grid and also to Diesel generator.
  • Anti-islanding feature: The system automatically switches off when there is power outage.
  • DIRECT SAVINGS: With Net metering system, pay only for what you used i.e.
    Total units (KWh) consumed from EB - Total units (KWh) supplied back to the grid
  • Requires installation of solar bi-directional meter by EB authority.
  • Power failure occurs when EB supply is cut off.

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Grid-tie Solar Power system

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