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What is GFRG?

GFRG construction is the revolutionary new construction practice in India. Glass fibre reinforced gypsum panels are used as structural shear walls in combination with RCC columns and beams as required. They are manufactured from gypsum, a by-product fertilizer industry and hence is a greener alternative that reduces the load on landfills.

How is it environmentally sustainable?

From thousands of acres of landfills scouring across tens of kilometres, Gypsum is lying around idle as a by-product from fertilizer manufacture.

Why use them for construction?

GFRG homes are not only light, strong, durable and environmentally sustainable, but also cost effective. Using lighter materials reduce the dead load on a structure and thereby reducing the use of concrete and rebar. Precise design and build of GFRG could save construction cost by up to 15-20%. Being made of gypsum, GFRG buildings provide a better thermal and acoustic insulation. The smooth finish of these buildings do not require an additional layer of plastering or rendering, which further saves in cost and timeline of construction.

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Sound planning is key to successfully executing any project. From choice of technology and the definition of work tasks, to estimation of resources and task durations, we possess the logistical expertise to ensure engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions are delivered with maximum efficiency and on-time reliability.

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Advantages of GFRG

  • Eco friendly
  • Lesser Dead load on the ground
  • Stronger than conventional blockwork buildings
  • Lesser use of sand, steel and aggregates
  • Better finish quality
  • Cooler than a Conventional building
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Economical
  • Quicker Construction

Feasibility of GFRG

After exploring the concept of GFRG Construction, the next step would be understand if it is possible to construct a building using GFRG in a plot. The basic feasibility criteria are listed here.

  1. Road width should be min. 25ft, and should be easily accessible from the main road. The frontage of the plot should be clear of any obstruction.
  2. There should be a complete open space atleast on one side of the plot. It should be cleared of any obstruction and be accessible by crane for erection.
  3. It is also beneficial if the plot behind is also empty and accessible by crane.
  4. The frontage of the plot should have clear access without any obstruction like overhead electricity lines, telecom, internet cables, etc.


Root cause to degradation of concrete buildings is exposure of rebars to the atmospheric moisture which leads to corrosion. Being concealed into water tight GFRG walls the concrete and rebar in a GFRG building have a longer life span for serviceability of 80 years as compared to the 50 year serviceability period for RCC buildings.

Project duration

A well planned project with ample space on atleast 2 sides of the plot to approach can be constructed at about 75 days for Ground floor. Subsequent floors can be completed in a time span of 1 month per floor.


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