Interiors & Furnishing

Engineered to Perfection

Established in 1995, Sree Karmik excels in design, draft and execution of sleek, contemporary to modern carpentry, furnishing, and stainless steel fabrication products.

Our Expertise

With vast experience in the field of construction and development, Sree Karmik pioneers as the leading manufacturer and furnishing expert.

  • Decades of experience.
  • Engineered to Perfection. Neat and scientific approach right from design to realisation.
  • Offers custom-made furniture that imparts innovation and class to your space.
  • Keeping quality at the center - We source only the best raw materials and workmanship which results in products that stands a class apart.

Residential interiors

  • Complete home interior design and furnishing
  • Living room furniture
  • Modular kitchen cabinets
  • Wardrobes, cupboards, and storage furniture
  • TV unit, wall hanging shelves, floating table and home decor furniture
  • Stainless steel fabricated handrails, gates, facade and finishes

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Office Interiors

  • Stand-out architectural designs executed to perfection
  • Cost-effective and functional furnishing to maximise floor space area
  • Sleek Reception area and modular Office workstations
  • Stainless steel fabricated handrails, gates, facade and finishes
  • Complete interior makeover for additional carpet area, storage, and utility spaces

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Restaurant / Cafe Interiors

  • Unique interiors with renewable materials
  • Neatly designed furniture to suit the theme of the space
  • We design and create the ambience of the cafe / restaurant

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Furniture manufacturing

With decades of manufacturing experience, we provide custom made wooden furniture, stainless steel fabricated structures tailored to the client's requirement that enhances the overall experience.

We are also registered auctioners with the government for procuring first quality native teak wood and other timber logs.

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