Individual House Construction

Turn-key Project Development

With decades of industrial experience, Sree Karmik provides turn-key project planning, construction and development services.

Apartment vs. Villa

Why Multi-storey Apartment may not be your best bet?

Buying a luxury home in "vibrant" multi-storey apartment may not sound as vibrant or pocket friendly decision in the long run. Following are a list of reasons that may raise concerns for investing in an apartment.

  • Low UDS and low carpet area
  • Little to NO scope for floor plan alteration
  • You do not own any garden or terrace space
  • Amenities you don't need (sometimes half finished!) results in higher costs
  • Spiralling monthly maintenance costs
  • Poor coordination between residents or association may cause further maintenance issues
  • Reduction in property value over the years : As the building ages, value of the investment reduces drastically mainly due to low UDS ownership. And when the property reaches critical maintenance issues, it becomes even more difficult to bring in consensus between owners and undertake maintenance works.

Turning trend towards Independent villas

Due to various issues with buying an apartment, the industry sees a gradual yet consistent shift from Apartments to villas. More than anything, an independent home gives you

  • Unrestricted ownership
  • Freedom to design each part of your home
  • Customise every little detail to your taste
  • Added private space like outdoors, kitchen garden, terrace
  • Low maintenance and upkeep costs

Roadmap to building an Individual Home

After weighing the pros and cons, finding an independent villa or constructing an independent home has some additional work for the client. Don't know where to start? Sree Karmik provides the roadmap to building your dream home and takes care of all critical steps throughout the project. Constructing a home on your own is not a tedious task anymore. We provide expert advice on each area and steer you towards timely completion of the project.

Apart from turn-key construction services, Sree Karmik also provides project-related services like land liaison, Approval and statutory clearances, legal opinion, finance / bank loan procedures, etc. Why wait? Enquire now and we'll help you get started with your journey to building your dream home.

1. Budgeting

Against general opinion the first step is often budgeting your home than choosing the preferred location. Constructing an independent villa has some additional costs such as approval drawings, statutory clearances, EB applications, etc. So, it is always best to fix up the maximum budget for the home and then work backwards to fix up the preferred location.

2. Identifying the plot

If you already own a plot, skip to the next step.

Based on the budget conceived, Sree Karmik helps you in identifying the residential plot in your preferred location. Due care is to be taken in identifying the land, mainly water source, main road access, proximity, legal opinion, approval by CMDA / statutory bodies, bank loan, etc.

3. Design, Development & Construction

Having dealt with projects from individual villas, farmhouses, factories, and commercial buildings, we are top in class for our un-matchable quality standards and time bound delivery. We provide an end-to-end solution from plan design and concept development, construction, interior furnishing and finishing works. General scheme of work include:

  • Site preparation and readiness
  • Preparation of approval drawings and floor plan layouts
  • Structural and architectural designs
  • Project proposal, Cost estimates & Bill of quantity
  • Proposal for approval and statutory bodies
  • Project construction
  • Site inspection & quality management
  • Exterior finishes, facade, and landscaping
  • Interior design & furnishing

4. Interior furnishing

With vast experience in the field of construction and development, Sree Karmik pioneers as the leading manufacturer and furnishing expert. Keeping quality at the center - We source only the best raw materials and workmanship which results in products that stands a class apart.

  • Engineered to Perfection. Neat and scientific approach right from design to realisation.
  • Cost-effective and functional furnishing to maximise floor space area
  • Living room furniture & Modular kitchen cabinets
  • Wardrobes, cupboards, and storage furniture
  • TV unit, wall hanging shelves, floating table and home decor furniture


Want to build an independent home? Get in touch with us to get it started. Once you handover the project to us, just sit back, relax and watch your dream home come true.

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