Off Grid Solar Power system


An off grid solar power system is a foolproof mechanism to provide stand alone, uninterrupted power supply to homes and establishments.

Installing an off-grid system has become the number one priority for households and establishments facing questionable grid power with intermittent power failure. This is because it completely reduces our dependency on the grid thereby fulfilling our power requirements entirely through solar power.

How Off Grid Solar Power System works

    Working of Off Grid solar power system is as follows:
  • The system consists of Solar PV modules, Solar Off grid inverter with MPPT Charge controller, Battery bank, and BOS.
  • Electricity is generated when sunlight hits the solar panels.
  • This DC current is converted to appropriate voltage and is used to charge the battery bank.
  • The off grid PCU converts the DC current to single / three phase AC and supplied to the loads.
  • During night time, the loads are powered using from the battery bank. This mode is called Solar Priority.
  • When the solar modules are not generating power and the battery bank is discharged, the PCU seamlessly falls back to EB grid supply. When the battery is charged, the system switches over to solar again.

Salient Features

  • Stand alone system with simple installation.
  • Completely independent of grid power.
  • Seemless switch-over to EB when solar and battery power is unavailable.
  • DIRECT SAVINGS: Power generation of 4.5 to 5 units / day / KWp.
  • INDIRECT SAVINGS: Upto 35% savings due to Slab reduction in EB bill.

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