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7 Ways to a Save Energy at Home

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With deteriorating environment becoming a cause of concern, here are 7 tips to save energy in day-to-day life.

Though not many of us could afford feasible technologies like rooftop solar power systems and electric vehicles that would help save energy, these home hacks are sure to help you save energy.

1. Windows open, air conditioners off

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Ensure minimum usage of devices and appliances that form a large percentage of your energy consumption, like air conditioner, computers and printers. Not only do they consume energy on standby but also produce considerable amount of heat. Create a conducive environment by allowing natural light and air to enter the room. Keep the doors and vents of unused rooms closed. Open the windows regularly to allow cross-ventilation.

2. Air, Water and shade

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Insulating your living area from the hot air alone would facilitate lowering of energy usage by up to 30 per cent. Installing overhangs and retractable sunshades (if you do not have a built-in sunshade over window openings) blocks direct sunlight from entering the house, thereby facilitating energy conservation through lesser Air-conditioning required. Wrapping windows, vents, with screens and films prevent the entry of UV radiation which could also protect the furnishings and polished wood works from UV rays. On hotter summers, sprinkling water on widow curtains (or hanging a wet cloth by the window) would largely control the intrusion of hot air.

3. Still using Tubelights and CFLs?

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It’s not 90’s anymore, incorporating energy efficient appliances and fixtures could help you save significantly on your electricity bill. If you are tight on budget, start incorporating one by one. Begin with LED bulbs, then move on to LED tubes and roof lights. These appliances are known to not only reduce energy use by up to 75% but also last longer, and sleeker in design saving tons of storage room.

4. Proof the roof

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Heat-proofing of a roof can be done in a number of ways. Here's some of them that works best.

a. Reflective coat on the roof

Roofing with reflective coating will minimise the amount of heat entering the house and will decrease the strain on the air-conditioner. One of the best ways to insulate further is to white-wash the roof area right before the on-set of agni nakshatra. The white colour reflects off maximum radiations and the calcium absorbs ambient heat from radiation. Though the result is minimal, it’s a great way to start.

b. Make a Green roof

One of the sustainable and more effective solution to beat the heat is creating a live, green roof. The gist of the process is to design and create a terrace garden which provides shade and can be effectively used to grow fresh vegetables, greens, etc. Word of Caution: Engineered Green roof is no child’s play and should be designed and installed after studying the structural, plumbing, drain and other aspects of the home. You can get in touch with Sree Karmik for more details.

c. Standalone rooftop solar power system

Rooftop solar is the single efficient way to both proof and power your roof. An 80sq.ft roof could generate 120 units (kWh) of power every month and at the same absorb absolutely all the heat radiation owing to the black colour.

5. Dry them out or above

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Dry clothes on a clothing line instead of using the machine dryer. This makes for a practical way of saving energy by ensuring minimum usage of a washing machine's dryer. With drying on a hoist cloth drying line, take the wet clothes near to the ceiling will ensure the absorption of the hot air thereby chilling the room. Oh hey, it doesn’t obstruct any moving space in the living area as well.

6. Cover & cook or eat out

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Closing the lid of pans and pots is known to cook quicker as it prevents heat to escape. This will help save energy, as less of fuel will be used if using a gas stove and electricity in case of an induction. Using pre-heated water from your solar water heater will largely save in terms of cooking time thereby saving fuel.

7. Green water or cold water only

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Did you know the water heater is the one appliance that consume heavy electricity? Consuming cold water in activities like laundry, cleaning utensils, cars, or even floors. Thus, cutting down the heavy usage of water heater, and in turn lower electricity bills. The next step of the process would be to convert to a solar water heater that would cost about the same as electric heaters, but provides hot water for free and lasts more than 10 years.

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