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Marriage - The Thousand Year Crop

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Everyone loves a grand wedding. How to achieve it in a workable budget?

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A typical south Indian wedding, what one class of the society might see more as a social showcase of wealth and luxury, and there is a class that does just the right things that needs to be done at the least monetary implication (the conservative type.) Majority of the population however fall in between these. We all need a big fat fancy wedding and… well don’t want to spend too much at the same time!

One of the most under rated portfolios among all of the wedding to-do list is choosing what to gift the “periyavas” and how much to spend on the gift sarees, dhotis and articles. Gone are the days when things used to be as simple as gifting a blouse piece and a saree for women and dhoti and angavastra for men. Parents these days have grown keener on how to gift in a more personal way where they innovate, whereas most folks stay on the tradition of saree and dhotis. Deciding on this optimally not just puts your guests (and obviously the hosts) in the lime-light but also is a page-turning factor in dealing with the family bonding! Once you enter this phase of selecting for the family, factors like, budget for “nathanaars,” colour preferences of the “orpudis” matching blouse availability, and what not give a hard time.

Creating intricate designs - thread by thread

Creating intricate designs - thread by thread. Photo: Sreetex

Choosing for others can never be as easy as people can do for themselves. One such wholesalers who specialise in this aspect of the wardrobe, Sreetex, say, “Customers always think very less when they choose the (bride’s or their own) reception sarees and even the muhurtha koorai pattu (because people prefer authentic Kancheepuram silk for this.) But when it comes to the gift sarees, we’ve always seen customers baffled. The only criteria they are constraint on will be the price range.” But how can the hosts pay so much attention to detail while they have so much work to do for coordinating a wedding? And without need to mention this is where Sreetex score their USP. These people who’ve been in the market for over two decades exclaim, “Somehow customers have always been satisfied with our recommendations. Especially because we put ourselves in their shoes when we help them select.” ‘Marriage is an aayiram kaalathu payir (thousand year crop)’, they say. Planning and having the perfect wedding is surely a one-time occasion and a journey to remember and cherish!

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